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Missouri Certified Compulsive Gambling Counselors

The Missouri Alliance to Curb Problem Gambling (MACPG) is a partnership between the Missouri Council on Problem Gambling Concerns Inc., the Missouri Department of Mental Heath's Division of Alcohol & Drug Abuse, the Missouri Gaming Association, the Missouri Gaming Commission, the Missouri Lottery and the Port Authority of Kansas City.

This unique partnership of public, private and nonprofit organizations recognizes the need to address the social problems and costs that are created when some individuals, regardless of their number, have problems handling the product or service that the state and gaming industry provide.

Studies indicate that 95 percent of the Missouri residents who purchase lottery tickets or visit riverboat casinos or bingo parlors understand the costs and risks of participating in these games of chance. However, up to 5 percent of the individuals who participate in these gambling activities experience personal, financial and social difficulties due to an obsession with these games.

The purpose of MACPG is to educate Missourians on the potential characteristics and dangers of problem and compulsive gambling, to refer compulsive gamblers and their family and friends to free treatment through a toll-free help line, to prevent underage play and to promote responsible gaming.

Speakers Bureau Educates, Raises Awareness About Problem Gambling
The Alliance provides speakers for groups and organizations throughout the state on topics ranging from the prevention of youth gambling to the warning signs of problem gambling. For more information about the speakers bureau or to arrange a presentation, please call (573) 526-7467.

All presentations are free of charge.

Participating Membership
Any individual or organization interested in promoting and furthering the Alliance's mission to educate Missouri residents on the potential characteristics and dangers of problem and compulsive gambling, and promoting the availability of treatment can join the Missouri Alliance as a participating member.

Participating members are encouraged to:

  • Participate in Alliance meetings and events;
  • Aid in the planning of awareness events; and
  • Provide input to further expand the Alliance's programs.

For more information about becoming a participating member or to join, fill out the membership application and submit it. All applicants will be called to confirm their interest in joining and to answer any questions.

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